Monday, November 29, 2010

Makeup #2 Karen Yaskinky

Karen Yaskinky is an artist known for her animated installations and drawings.  She teaches in Film/Media Studies at Johns Hopkins and at MICA in Baltimore.  Film festivals have screener her animations worldwide. Her animations have been showed worldwide and gained notoriety at various film festivals.  I checked out one of her animations titled “Enough to drive you mad” which she unveiled in 2009.

This video began with the spookily intricate cartoon of a young girl hugging a horse or donkey. Yaskinky gave the girl blowing hair in the wind and poised eye movement, which allowed her to be portrayed young and innocent. The sound track and animation changed and startled me- the young girl now transformed into an old woman with a bandana covering her hair. The donkey turned red and the only remnants of the girl that you could see were her white hands rubbing and hugging the animal. Yet again, the figure of the girl was present and she now had a clowns face. A small 2D cartoon-like drawing of a man trailed him up the donkeys back and back down. The film ended with the little girl with a swimming bonnet on and walking away and disappearing from the camera’s viewpoint. These characters are used in many of her other types of artwork like paintings and such. During the film, colored dots moved eagerly around the screen at some moments that made me research the method behind this theme. In an interview Yaskinky stated “I feel like we humans are all tiny dots in the huge scheme of things and in this realization, there is freedom and beauty”. This film is eccentric and I can’t say I understood fully the meaning behind it- yet again that IS what made it so interesting. 

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