Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Propaganda in WWII

Wrapping up this Fall semester, my History of Western Civ 2 class began talking about propaganda used in WWII. This propaganda directly affected the youth of America to sway the future generations to support the country in their affairs in German. Through Disney cartoon shorts, America portrayed Hitler and Nazi Germany with a grim face. This propaganda swayed many minds of all Americans through the portrayal of racial connotations in a television program held dear in the hearts of all ages since their generation's youth.  Disney was a source of nationalism and taught every young boy and girl life lessons through trusted cartoon figures. This tactic was very effective and is used in today's society through artwork in trusted newspapers or television programs. 

"This is a Disney short from 1943. Disney did cartoons like these to get American support in WWII. They were racist and depicted Nazi's as demons... even though they kinda were, but I don't think brainwashing children like this is exactly ethical. Find the full version of this cartoon, as well as others like this by Disney online."

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