Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makeup #6 Miranda July

Miranda July- who changed her last name to July because it was her most productive month- is a film artist, musician, and actress. I was most impressed with her films so I will dedicate this post to her most impressive productions. In 1996 July began a project called Joanie4Jackie that turned out as a compilation of videocassettes of short films by women connected by a theme of a chain letter. She sent the cassettes to the series subscribers and offered to sell them to other people as well. In addition to the chain letter series, July created Co-Star Series, through which she involved her friends from larger cities select a group of films outside the ones of the chain letter and added them to the mix. The Joanie4Jackie series also screened at film festivals and DIY movie events. Named number 1 in "25 New Faces of Indie Film" from Filmmaker Magazine in 2004, July won a slot in the Sundance workshop and developed her first feature-length film called Me and You and Everyone We Know. It won great prestige in the Cannes Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival, and the San Francisco Film Festival.
July stated, "What a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real." Had she let this reality take away from her creative ideas that lead to her success, she would not be the prominant woman she is in today's society. 

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