Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tat tat tatted UP!

Though I am pretty modest when it comes to tattoos ( i only have one small one behind my left ear), I have recently started thinking about getting another one. My friend Tawni Boltz is my age and is inked up with some of the classiest tattoos I have seen. Her father is a tattoo artist in Brooklyn, and his tattoos are some of the purest forms of art in tattoo form that I have ever seen- and yes, I do see drawing tattoos as art. Though some are a bit basic in content and have a child-influenced feel, some are truly remarkable.  These images are some from his website, Some pretty awesome pieces.


  1. wow these tattoos are sick Ive been thinking of a couple tattoos my self but not sure where on my body I wan to get them. A lot of my friends have like full sleeves and stuff like murals on there backs and stuff. the only ad thing is tatoos are soooo addictive but attractive.

  2. Amazing! I wish I wasn't so afraid of needles, I would so love to get one.

  3. Great stuff, originality is the key. These definitely look like they were done by an artist and not someone copying from a template. I think that is what makes the difference.