Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makeup # 5 Nina Katchadourian

Nina Katchadourian is an American conceptual artist and interacts themes of mapping, translation, and public space with his artwork. Her works vary from sculpture, to video, sound, and photography, many of her creations contain “a careful yet ironic attention to systems and processes characterizes her work”. Many of Katchadourian's pieces connect order and impromptu coordination. In the "sorted books" series involves an unarranged order of volumes on the shelves of friends and transfers to “commissioned photographed orderings of books in museum and library collections”. She also has a series of pieces where she mended the natural rips in real spider webs. However, Katchadourian also has a series of maps an charts which portrays her explicit obsession. One of her works called "Family Tree" involves made up genealogies for objects like stones and airplane and fragments of maps. She also had a fascination for public space and had a piece where she sorted vast numbers of cars in more than a dozen parking lots by color. She also installed a telescope on street corner in New York Manhattan street corner, which was focused on the office of a lawyer on the 17th floor of an office building, who would arrange objects in his window to send coded messages to the observer.


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